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  • Spanish Preterite vs Imperfect Practice
The difference between the Spanish preterite and the imperfect tense is one of the most fascinating topics for students learning Spanish. With our preterite vs imperfect practice exercises you can improve your understanding of the topic. Preterite vs Imperfect Practice We have created a preterite vs imperfect quiz from our Spanish short story Un Excelente......
  • Spanish Exercises - Pretérito Imperfecto
Do you know how to conjugate the Spanish pretérito imperfecto? As long as you know the basics, it will be easy – this verb tense only has 3 irregular verbs! In the quiz below you can practice the Spanish imperfect tense as much as you want! Now what? If you want to get some more......
  • Pretérito Indefinido vs Imperfecto
Which verb tense should I use? The preterite tense (pretérito indefinido), or the imperfect tense (pretérito imperfecto)? When you are learning Spanish as a foreign language, you will sooner or later run into this infamous dilemma – the Spanish pretérito indefinido vs imperfecto. And even if you already know the basics, you still might have trouble......
  • The Spanish Pretérito Imperfecto
The Spanish pretérito imperfecto, the imperfect tense, is one of the most common past tenses in Spanish. We use it to speak about habitual, repetitive and ongoing actions in the past. We also use the Spanish imperfect tense to make descriptions of something or someone in the past, to talk about actions that were going on simultaneously......
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